Simulus Laboratories was established by process engineers and operators for engineers and operators. After seven years of operating an engineering consultancy and specifying work for other labs to complete Simulus Laboratories was established to provide the industry with faster turnaround times and testwork directly supervised and completed by qualified metallurgists and engineers.

We understand the different requirements of early project developers and project operators and are here to help both. If you are a project developer and require technical assistance to develop your testwork program and economic flowsheet then we can help.

We offer existing operations a fast turnaround, cost effective option for regular test programs and plant monitoring requirements.

Our metallurgists and chemical engineers are experienced in the recovery of precious and base metals from ores, concentrates, waste products and secondary feeds utilising all of the major physical and chemical separation processes.

For more information about grinding, flotation, gravity recovery, heap leach, atmospheric tank leach, pressure leach and bacterial leaching, CIP, RIP, solvent extraction, electrowinning, chemical reduction and metal precipitation for product recovery check the details under What we do.