Metallurgical consulting

From early concept studies through to definitive feasibility, the metallurgical test work program is the key source of information for the process design. Simulus provides overall test work direction and management, ensuring that the program is:

  • Aligned with the client’s development strategy
  • Coordinated with mining, geology and other disciplines
  • Structured to provide the right information when required
  • Managed to budget and schedule

Test programs are tailored for each project, depending on the complexity of the mineralogy, size of the project, and level of technical risk. Simulus outlines the entire test program as early as possible, from initial sighter testing to definitive feasibility and piloting.

As far as possible, Simulus applies professional project management systems to the test program. Detailed schedules are prepared and aligned with key tasks in the overall project schedule. Commercial laboratories are selected by methodical vendor evaluations, based on a clear written scope. Budgets are tracked to avoid any nasty surprises. Most importantly, the overall program is documented to tie together sample selection and the various parts of the test program. Simulus often conducts independent project reviews and we appreciate the importance of a traceable, well documented decision process.