Detailed design

Simulus Engineers provides detailed design and project implementation services to mineral projects large and small. We provide services in a standalone capacity for projects up to $100M and partner with likeminded groups for delivery of larger projects.

Simulus Engineers has been able to carefully select and use the best available engineering and design technology without regard for legacy items such as sunk capital, engineering systems designed for pen and paper engineering and significant training invested in outdated technologies. All of these items hamper large engineering firms from changing and therefore encourages the industry status quo to remain.

By adopting software widely used in other industries, including manufacturing, Simulus Engineers has been able to leverage the time and money already spent by companies with the primary focus of doing their job better, faster and cheaper than anyone else. Simulus Engineers has now brought this technology to the engineering and design sector of the minerals industry. We offer design services from conceptual layout through to shop detailing, all in house and using the same software package to remove interface issues.

However, the software alone is not the answer. Our systematic approach, work flows and simulation background allow us to provide high quality detailed information and repeatable engineering outcomes significantly faster than anyone else. We call this repeatability-ability.