Workflow management

Simulus Engineers utilise workflow management in both their integrated project management and timesheet system and in the document management system. Proper workflow management tools enable transperant tracking of project status and project costs against the original project budget.

Smart PFDs and PIDs

Simulus Engineers use database driven deisgn software for all PFD and P&ID preparation. This enables fast and accurate generation and checking of equipment lists, instrument lists and piping line lists. P&ID design drafting is specification driven to provide consistent selection of piping materials, valve type and valve and instrument trims across the plant.

Simulus Engineers utilise database driven software for all PFD and P&IDs. The use of this smart software enables us to do some clever things including:

  • Linking the P&IDs to the 3D model with specification driven piping
  • Exporting the equipment list from the PFDs for cross reference with the process model

Exporting the equipment, instrument, valve and piping line lists from the P&IDs for cross reference with the process model, 3D model and capital estimate.

Parametric modelling

Simulus Engineers use parametic modelling software for all projects. Parametric models enable rapid design changes and optimisation of the plant layout.

Specification driven piping can be linked and directly compared to the P&ID to ensure all valving and instrumentation are correctly positioned in the model.

Structural detailing can be completed directly in the main engineering model, streamlining the process to fabrication.