The Medcalf project is an exciting titanium/vanadium project located in Western Australia. Unlike other titanium/vanadium projects, the Medcalf project is extremely weathered and requires hydro-metallurgical recovery instead of mineral sands style processing.

The Simulus GroupĀ are helping Audalia Resources rapidly develop an innovative hydro-metallurgical flowsheet to produce separate value-added titanium and vanadium products. The flowsheet includes separate leaching and acid recovery processes for both titanium and vanadium recovery.

Three core parts of the PFS are being supplied by:

  • Overall project management and co-ordination of the PFS
  • Batch testwork for flowsheet definition and optimsation
  • Process plant engineering design

The integrated offering enables The Simulus Group and Audalia to work closely together and reduce project interfaces, which in turn is reducing the cost and duration for delivery of the final PFS report for this highly innovative flowsheet.