Everyone knows most mines are located in remote locations. And doing work in remote locations can be expensive. You need to build a construction camp and you need construction infrastructure like workshops, scaffold, offices, cranes, buses and all those Landcruisers. Then you fly in high paid construction workers, you truck in all the equipment, concrete, steel and cabling separately and then the high paid construction workers put it all together for you. Unless it rains, then they stop. Or it gets too hot, they stop. Or they need to go back to the workshop for more parts, so progress stops.  Projects like this often take 9-18 months on site.

What if there was a better way? What if you could have your plant built off site, in a safe and secure workshop environment, utilising someone elses established infrastructure and a local workforce. Then have your plant shipped to site in standardised modules and literally just bolted together? Remove at least 80% of that expensive construction workforce from your site. Reduce the construction time on site to less than 8 weeks. And most importantly, get your project built for a better price with less risk and faster. Contact us at MMP if this sounds good to you.