Does your project need better metal recoveries to help it become the stand out project it needs to be in today’s market?

We understand that lower than average recoveries can really hurt your project NPV, making funding difficult to come by… and no funding means no company.

But we can help.

Simulus Laboratories has recently started working with one such project. Testwork results from almost 10 years ago show great recovery, but focus over the last few years had been on developing a much bigger resource. This came at the expense of grade, and it seems recovery suffered too. Simulus Laboratories are working with a renewed new management focused on creating real value through project development not resource inflation. Focus is on the right sized project, not the biggest project.

Early indications are that there is sweet spot where project NPV is optimised by reducing the plant size to process a smaller portion of the resource, but at a significantly improved grade and recovery. We’re looking at 2-3x NPV of the previous arrangement.

Do you have a project in need of a different approach to generate good news and gain market attention? Call Brett Muller today for a free strategy session on how The Simulus Group may be able to add significant value to your project.